The wedding project of my dreams!



I’m so excited to finally unveil my biggest wedding stationery suite so far! We started with a lovely coaster save the date and continued with the invitation, enclosures, thank you notes, menus and seating chart! All the pieces were designed by yours truly with lots of awesome input by the bride and her mom and I’m just so proud of how they turned out! And here’s the part where I subject you to photo after photo as though they were my children…Amy_Lanser_3076



Amy_LanserRECEPTION_3090  Amy_LanserRSVP_3087





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I’ll be back!

Oh hey, it’s been a while, friends! I’m here to announce I’m coming back! Some exciting things are in the works for this summer, with regular entries starting around August, but in the mean time, we’re having our first ever sale!

Through the end of the June, buy 3, get 1 free on any in stock merchandise. Purchase the first 3 through Etsy ( and include your freebie pick in the “notes to seller” portion of the order form. Just like at the department stores, free item must be the least expensive of the bunch.

Happy shopping!


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S is for Seahorse

I just had an epiphany: not everyone likes typography as much as I do! For those of you who enjoy pictures more than words, I’ve been working on stationery sets featuring animals and inanimate objects. Available so far: Wisconsin, pineapple, bee, butterfly and seahorse. Leave a comment on this post or vote here to add your favorite!

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Film festival

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Several months ago, I received an email titled “Special Request” from someone I had never met. It was a producer from a local production company asking to film in my studio. Fast forward two months and here I am, spending six hours with a three-person video crew documenting the process of printing invitations for a conference they put on, and now I finally have a sneak peek of the final product. Check it out here! Oh, and in case I didn’t mention… here’s where it aired (ahhh!):


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New Year, New Business Cards

It seems a lot of people resolved to get serious about their small business in 2013. What better way to start than with professionally designed and printed business cards? Here are a few I worked on in late 2012/early 2013!




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A few good clients

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There’s nothing more valuable to an artist trying to make it than a truly supportive patron. Not only do they support you financially by buying your work (always important!), they boost your confidence and remind you that what you’re doing is indeed worthwhile. If you’re really lucky—like me—they also invite you to fabulous dinner parties and introduce you to their fabulous friends!

My favorite client ordered a set of stationery for each of her closest friends and family. It was a great collaborative experience in which she told me a little about each person’s personality and I designed a monogram or image just for them. I thought the pineapple card might be rather popular, so I printed extras and they’re also available here!

stationery, letterpress, handmade, 622 press

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It’s a blizzard!

I know, I know. I’m a bad blogger. What can I say? Facebook is where it’s at these days! Anyway, today we are snowed in. It’s Wisconsin and we’re used to this, but I also know enough to stay home. And the storm knocked out my TV.

I thought today was an appropriate day to share a collaborative project with one of my favorite wholesale clients, Driftless Studio. Owner Anne is a photographer and writer as well as a shop owner, so as you might be able to tell, she’s also supremely creative. She’s one of those people I love to work with… the kind that say, ‘I love this and this, can we put them together?!? And make it red and blue?’ And to that I say, ‘of course! I’ve been thinking about that for ages!’


The result is this awesome Wisconsin in winter card that has proven quite popular this season. I never did get it into the etsy shop, but shoot me a message and I’d be happy to get you some!

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